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Quickly Lose Weight With These 4 Simple Strategies


Are you overwhelmed with all the ‘helpful’ pieces of information floating around the web about how you can quickly lose weight? The truth is, there is an abundance of tactics and strategies for trimming excess pounds.

But what most of this information doesn’t cover is that it’s never a one-size-fits-all plan.

It’s all about experimenting with what works for you. I’m sure you’re aware that losing weight can impact your health and your lifestyle.

But you already knew that, right?

Apart from the body-shaming that most overweight women have to cope with, there are the multiple health risks that obesity exposes you to.

However, losing weight can be a struggle, if you go about it the conventional way.Click To TweetHere’s the thing. I’m sure you realize that successful weight loss goes way beyond the physical. Just dieting and exercising alone won’t be effective.


Because you also have to consider the psychology of who you truly are and custom-design an eating and workout plan that is perfect for you.

A positive mindset will help you find the patience to focus on the ‘big picture’ which takes time and perseverance.

It may be an uphill battle to transform your body on the outside without making this shift in the beginning.

By adopting the right mindset, you’ll be able to enjoy the healthy lifestyle you are worthy of.

Let’s jump in with four strategies you can use to quickly lose weight by cultivating a winning mindset.

1. Self-encouragement

Weight loss does not happen overnight. But don’t you wish it did?

The good news and bad news is — it’s a gradual process. It may take months or even years, depending on how much weight you want to lose.

Unfortunately, this is usually a bitter pill to swallow. So it’s no surprise the obsession to weigh in after every workout session can be addictive.

This can be very frustrating. Especially when you realize that your weight has remained constant, or even worse increased.

Weight will always fluctuate during the day and even during the week, so keep that in mind.

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2. Self Discipline

Uggg.. there’s that ‘discipline’ word again. This is a key factor which may explain why you lose weight and then fall off the wagon and regain all the weight you lost, plus more.

This is devastating. Perhaps it’s because you don’t have a super-strong reason why you want to lose weight.

First of all, it may be because the decision wasn’t really your own.

Whaaatt? Yes!

You may have succumbed to the pressure of wanting to quickly lose weight for an upcoming event or vacation.

Or, you may be trying to keep up with the illusion of perfect people on social media.

Another reason may be whenever you experience some level of success, you go back to the fattening foods and behavior that caused you to gain weight in the first place.

The only way to find the discipline to continue with your weight loss journey for the long haul is to realize that you are doing it to impress yourself and not other people.

This is key.

A shift in mindset will give you the discipline and a compelling reason ‘why’ to stay on track, even when you don’t want to.

3. A New Fabulous Lifestyle

Who else wants to create a new fabulous lifestyle? Woo hoo.This desire is universal and is the motivation we experience when we see ‘before and after’pictures.

Before you start any type of weight loss program, you will have to commit to a healthy way of eating that works for you and an exercise routine you can do daily…and actually enjoy. Focus on getting healthy first and the weight will eventually melt off.

To attain sustainable weight loss, you have to decide if you’re ready and willing to change your lifestyle.

This is usually the hardest part. But here’s a tip…don’t focus on what you’ll have to give up. Think of what you’ll gain as you lose.

Instead, imagine what you’ll gain. By adopting a positive outlook from the start, it  will be easier for you to make the choices to get where you want to be.

Besides that, it may help to change the “I can’t” attitude to an “I can” attitude. This is where you will get the desire to stop eating those midnight cookies or push yourself to workout, even though you’d rather sit on the couch and watch Netflix.

4. Embrace Self-love

It’s also important that you learn to look past the negative and discouraging comments you are likely to encounter every once in a while throughout your weight loss journey.

Chances are some people in your life will take pleasure in telling you how easy it is to regain the weight you’ve loss. They may even say you’re just wasting your time.

Haven’t you noticed how people love to give unsolicited advice? Ignore them.

When you love yourself, you aren’t defined by what other people say.

Start by saying ‘I Love You’ to yourself.  I know, a bit awkward. But start with positive thoughts about how fabulous you really are on the inside and treat yourself like royalty.

In conclusion, developing a loving and positive mindset will enable you to dismiss negative thoughts and people and stay away from tempting situations.

You will begin to love yourself and your beautiful body as it is while keeping a positive mindset on your journey to losing weight.

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